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Total Filtration 

Filtration Manufacture and Supply

Marine & Transport

The provision of transport services essential to modern life requires filtration at all stages, from the construction of the vehicles themselves to their continued problem free operation.

Total Filtration provides goods and services appropriate to all of the applications required.



Speed of response, product range and supply flexibility/reliability are critical to vessel owners, managers and operators. Products can be shipped worldwide to meet vessels where and when they are required.

Applications vary according to the size and duty of the vessel in question they include:

  • Engine and Generator set lube and fuel oil filtration.
  • Hydraulic applications for example on Bow doors and lifting gear.
  • Filters for bow thrusters
  • Bilge water separator Filters
  • Water and waste treatment.
  • P4.3Filters for other specialist on board equipment e.g. Dryers for gas bubbling systems and filters for life boats and tenders.

.... as well as all of the normal applications to ensure the comfort and safety of passengers and crew, and the normal functioning of the vessel.

Increasingly the control of bacteria in drinking and washing water is a concern.

Automotive & Railway

P4.4Motor manufacturing and Railways are high volume and supply dependent Industries. TFL can supply filters to meet all of the requirements of such an intense environment. Supply chain management and reliable delivery times are essential in this sector. Total Filtration can meet these requirements from one off filter to total filter supply contacts.

Applications Include:

  • P4.5Clean Air Provision-essential in Painting, fixing and personnel areas
  • Pneumatics -robotics and motive force
  • Special Filters -for paints
  • Water Filtration -Environmental protection, wash waters, process cooling.

In Rail applications engine lube and fuel filters are also critical.

Total Filtration can meet all of these requirements

** Full support of on ground aviation requirements. No on aircraft products supplied.