Oil Mist Machines


It is often easy to spot oil mist, as it can be visible on the walls, floors, and machinery you are using.  You can use oil mist filtration to help deal with oil mist where it is most produced. Oil Mist Filters and Extractors can be installed, ensuring that oil mist is not building up when grinding, turning, drilling, etc.

Oil Mist Filters (OMF) should be installed on as much machinery as possible, but the machinery that can reach speeds of 20,000RPM and above should be seen as your priority. This will ensure that you can filter out the oil mist quickly and easily, ensuring that build-ups become a fraction of the scale dealt with previously.

While many modern machinery parts do all they can to avoid oil mist build-up, it is still important to install oil mist filters. The sooner you minimise and remove oil mist and oil smoke, the healthier and safer your workplace is. Boost productivity, working quality, and environmental standards today with oil mist filtration.


 OMF coolant mist filters are stand-alone central filtration systems designed for extraction of mist from multiple machine tools.

Ranging in size from the small OMF500 to the OMF4000 which draws 4000m3/h, units can be specified for most mist filtration installations.

We are able to specify, supply, and install OMF filter units, including wiring to your machine tools for ease of operation.

  • Compact, stand-alone unit
  • Easy access for filter changes
  • Airflows up to 4000m3/h
  • Designed for multiple machine tools.
  • 415 or 230v 3 phase supply
  • Rigid, clipped, leak-proof ducting.
  • Independent power supply or wired to your machine tool

 AOF smoke and coolant mist filters are compact units designed for attachment to most machine tools.

Units are available with airflows from 660 to 2400m3/h enabling use with a wide range of machining systems.

  • Compact unit
  • Easy access 
  • Range of airflows
  • 415 or 230v 3 phase 
  • Independent power supply or wired to your machine tool