Dust Cartridge Filters

We understand what a nuisance dust and fumes can be and the health hazards that are associated with the contamination and with even tighter emission standards.

Total Filtration can provide advice and solutions to avoid increasing costs from low production time and product waste as well as reducing potential health hazards.

At Total Filtration we supply industrial filter cartridges for a wide range of industries including:

  • Mining

  • Petrochemical

  • Agricultural

  • Metal fabrication

  • Quarrying

  • Cement works


Our Airmaster Dust Filter equivalent is a pleated cartridge made in two lengths, 450mm (type 1) and 920mm (type 2). The end caps can be Galvanised Steel or Stainless Steel. There are three types of filter available with spun polyester standard, Anti-Static, PTFE media and Anti-Static PTFE.


Our Altair dust filter equivalent range are cartridge filters made in several lengths; 600mm, 660mm, 1000mm and 1200mm (Other lengths available). They are available in a range of medias as detailed below.


We manufacture our own range of Goldcone style filters, without the cone, available in the length of 1000mml. They are available in a range of medias including: – Cellulose blend 80/20FR, STD Polyester, A/Stat Polyester.

Camfil Tenkay Mark 1, 2, 3, 4 Alternative

We manufacture a range of Square top filters in both 325mm and 225mm (closed end cap sizes). These are also known as Camfill Farr Tenkay Mark 1, 2, 3 and 4 alternatives. They are available in a choice of lengths and medias. All lengths are also available in the round end cap version.

Dantherm Cartridge Filter Alternative

Our New ABS Dantherm Cartridge Filter Alternative (also known as an Airmaster, Nederman or Disa Dust Filter Cartridge.) is made of lightweight strong plastic version of the Type 66,44,40,22 and 20. Also available in carbon impregnated for A/Stat requirements.

Donaldson Siloair Filter Equivalent

Our DCE Torrit Siloair Filter equivalents are perfect for silo vending machines. The filter is made in three lengths; 565mm, 800mm and 1000mm. They are available in a range of medias including Standard, Anti-Static, PTFE Standard and Anti Static PTFE.

Donaldson TDS Equivalent Filters

Our Donaldson TDS Equivalent single or double ended filter cartridges are available in three basic diameters (202mm, 325mm and 350mm) with six different lengths. They are available in different medias. Depending on the application, these include Nano Fibre, Spun Bonded Polyester, PTFE and anti-static.

Donaldson TORIT Equivalent Cartridge Range ECB/TDS/DF+

Our Donaldson TORIT Cartridge Filter equivalents come in two basic diameters (325mm and 350mm) with six different lengths. There are several medias to choose from. Depending on the application, these include Nano Fibre, Spun Bonded Polyester, PTFE and anti-static.

DONALDSON UNICELL Equivalent – Cell Cartridge Filter

We manufacture a complete range of Unicell type cartridge filters which include the two size 70mm x 475mm x 1004mm with 5.00M² or 70mm x 475mm x 800mm with 4.00M². These two sizes of cell filter can be made using any of the following filter media: 260g Spunbonded Polyester, Anti-Static finish / Oleophobic coat/ PTFE Coat or Membrane.

Mahle/Dustcheck Catchplate Alternative Cartridge Filter

We manufacture Mahle Catchplate Alternative /  Dustcheck twist lock cartridge filter alternative in 328mm O/D x 600mml. Available in Single or Double opened version. Using a choice of high quality medias including: – Cellulose blend 80/20 FR, Nano fibre, STD Polyester, A/Stat Polyester and both STD and A/Static PTFE membrane.

Mahle/Dustcheck Screwthread RD72/62/100 Alternative

Total Filtration can manufacture a parallel version of the RD60/RD72/RD100 screw thread filter. This dust filter is available in both Galvanised and Stainless-Steel finish. Several lengths are available from 200mml to 1200mml. Media Options include STD Polyester/ A/Static Polyester. STD PTFE Membrane/ A/Static PTFE Membrane.

Nordic/Freudenberg 3 Lug Filter

We manufacture 3 lug filters in a range of sizes:- 145mm O/D, 150mm O/D, 225mm O/D. 370mm O/D and 397mm O/D. We have a range of materials available including Aluminium, ABS Plastic and Resin. All Lengths available up to 1400mml (longer possible, please see “Additional Services”). Medias include:- Cellulose blend 80/20 FR, STD Polyester, A/Static Polyester.