Why pay OEM prices when you can purchase an alternative without compromising on quality

Hilco Filter Element Equivalent

These filters consist of a variety of pleated multi-layer media configurations which with internal cores and outer cages 

  • Uniformed pleats to ensure good dirt holding capacity 

  • Strong end caps and centre tubes to avoid distortion 

  •  Reliable gaskets to prevent fluid by-pass 

Total Filtration also manufacture a small range of Alternative Hilco Dryer Cartridges for moisture and particulate control

Total’s Hilco Alternative Dryer Cartridge provides high effective filtration to remove water and particulates from oils. 

It gives high performance in applications where moisture control and filtration efficiency are of primary importance including insulation, hydraulic, lube and fuel oils. The cartridge allows for higher flow rates at lower pressure drops, and features a high filtration efficiency 

This cartridge allows more gallons of oil to be processed with fewer changeouts

Hydraulic equipment is protected from water damage while longer life is assured through filtration efficiency.


  • Insulating oils 
  • Hydraulic oils
  • Fuel oils
  • Lube oils