DPF Filter

Total’s high temperature exhaust filter designed to remove harmful particulates.

Diesel engine exhaust filters are designed to operate where the engine is to be run under load and

consequently, exhaust temperatures are higher. They are constructed from high-temperature materials including glass fibre media and silicone hoses.

DPF200 exhaust filters are efficient at removing 99% of all particles of 0.5 micron or larger and are suitable up to a 4-litre engine size.

The unit comprises a mounting kit and a 2m silicone hose and flexible connector to attach to the exhaust (sold separately)

Ref                       Length          Internal Dia.      External Dia.

TF-DPF160      300mm         90mm                  140mm

TF-DPF200      334mm         133mm                244mm

TF-DPF225       665mm        133mm                244mm