Powercore Air Filters

Construction and agriculture off-road work environments, are notoriously dirty and dusty, keeping a machine running smoothly and enabling it to perform longer between service intervals is vital. 

Total Filtration manufacture a range of Powercore air filters which help increase uptime by providing effective engine protection.

 Smaller and lighter to meet evolving emissions regulations (and greater emissions system space claim).

Better dust-loading–extending filter life with 13-26% more contaminant-loading capacity.

Better initial restriction–protecting performance with 27-49% lower initial restriction.

Metal-free, lightweight filters.

Improved contaminant encapsulation, dust and dirt stay contained in the filter during service.

Straight-through airflow design delivers better overall efficiency and better dust-holding capacity than other filter configurations.

We can supply in various media configurations including 


Standard media used in the majority of air filter applications


Filtration media technology featuring very fine, resilient fibre

Flame retardant media 

Variations available to meet specialty engine applications requirements